2002 Workshop >>from left>> Jenny Lee, Eleanor Mayer , Yuka
Momokida, Liss Williams, Miko Yoshida, James O’Meara, Maya Glavin,
Scott Airlie, Jason Curtis, & Sara Badiali. >>Attached>>Caterina Loy,
John Aillsboro. [Photo & text: RL]

Seminar week gives
the workshop an introduction to the various buildings and departments
on site. This is the ceramics apse where workshoppers are shown the process of
slip-casting. [Photo & text: RL]

The workshop also
learns about the landscaping techniques used througout the site. Gregor
Knauer is explaining erosion control methods used near the
Crafts III entrance. [Photo & text: RL]

The process of
silt casting is learnt through hands-on experience. Workshoppers
are making individually designed plaster tiles. [Photo & text: RL]

At the end of the
seminar week there are work opportunities around site. This month
the path to the handicap restroom was leveled and repaved. [Photo &
text: RL]

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