Karen Taylor is
taking a leave of absence from Arcosanti after many years of dedicated
service since 1991. She was part of the original effort to establish a
Council in 1992 and has been active on and off on the Council since
then. She is also one of the original members of ALT [the Arcosanti
Leadership Team] and has in all her time here set a consistent example
of community minded conscientiousness. Over the past 11 years she has
initiated and hosted a lot of special workshops, for instance in
Wood-working, Photography and Permaculture. She has also hosted an
Arcosanti information booth at the ‘Hopes Conference’ in Eugene, OR for
many years. Karen with crew Mark Whigham, Liz Shiffler and Gregor
Knauer. [Photo & text: SA]

Karen on a tour with
>>from left to right>> her landscaping staff Gregor Knauer, Paolo
Soleri and Site Coordinator Mary Hoadley . The subject of the meeting
was to discuss why some of the cypress trees have suffered in recent
months and possible remedy to save them. Karen has headed the
Landscaping Department for about 4 years. She has also worked at
different times in the Welding shop, the
Foundry and the Bakery. She has been a much appreciated guest-cook
in the Cafe< /a> many times and has also been part of the
Planning Department and when not working there has continued to be
of help with product research. [Photo: T & text: SA]

Karen with a
guest-cooking crew >>from left to right>> construction volunteer Jung
II Kwon, Karen, planning manager Nadia Begin, planning intern Monisha
Nandy (now in NYC), and foundry worker and artist Yasha Leytush. We
will miss Karen greatly. [Photo: KT & text: SA]

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