The May
workshop just completed two precast panels for the lightscoop on
Units 6 & 7. [Photo & text: RL]

Step 1 & 2: Formwork
is built to the shape of the panel. Then an even layer of silt is
applied to act like formwork for the bottom. [Photo & text: RL]

Step 3: Rebar and
other structural details are added to the formwork in order to
reenforce the concrete. [Photo & text: RL]

Step 4: The concrete
is carefully imported with use of a bucket attacked to the crane.
[Photo & text: RL]

Step 5: The concrete
panel is finished by screeding the topside flush with the formwork.
After the panel is complete, it is sealed and covered until it fully
sets. [Photo & text: RL]

>>Left>> Jeff Bruderer, visiting alumni, came out to help with the
>>pour. >>Right>> May >href=”/workshop/course.html”target=”_top”>
>>workshoppers Jeff Garrett and Nathan Kim touch up one of the
>>panel they have been working on for the last month. [Photo & text:

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