Arcosanti tours are available 7 days a week every hour on the hour
from 10am to 4pm. Hats off to our tireless tourguides – Visitors Center
crew. >>front>> Joe
Henson has managed the Visitors Center Gallery for the past 6
years. >>back>> Woody Woodward has been on staff since July 2001.
[Photo & text: SA]

Virginia [Gin] Harrison has been working on the gallery staff since March 1999. One of
the things she likes very much about her job is meeting people from all
over the world. And it’s a joy to see someone come in on a workshop
that she has had on a tour. [Photo & text: SA]

Sherry McClure is
starting a tour with an introduction of the model. This is a quick
overview of the history of Soleri and Arcosanti to explain the
Arcology concept. [Photo & text: SA]

The tour is then
taken through the Arcosanti site, stopping for detailed information in
front of the Ceramics Apse, West-Housing, the Vaults, East-Housing, the East Crescent, here with Tour-guide Tom Braunmueller
and a group of visitors in the Colly
Soleri Theater. Then on to the front of the SOD-Unit [Planning Department and Office] with a view and
basic explanation of
Camp, the Gardens and Experimental Green-houses. Each tour then winds back
across the site to allow plenty of time for questions. After a quick
visit to the
Foundry Apse the last stop is in the
Arcosanti Cafe with an introduction of the
Hyper Building and
Nudging Space Arcology. [Photo & text: SA]

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