The Arizona Regional
Poetry Slam Competion attracted teams from Flagstaff, Prescott, Mesa,
Phoenix, Tuscon, & Arcosanti. The teams were scored by judges from the
audience. [Photo & text RL]

>>left photo>> M.C. Dan Seaman hosted the Arcosanti “Slab City” Slam
>>for the second year in a row. >>right photo>> All slam poets were
>>lively and uncensored. [Photo & text: RL]

Team Mesa won
bragging rights as Arizona Slam Poetry Champions.[Photo & text RL]

The Poetry Slam was
followed by a night pour in the foundry where the Team Mesa recited an
impromptu poem. [Photo & text RL]

Arcosanti theatre
production MUD was performed on Sunday to close this weekends list of

events. [Photo & text RL]

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