Paolo is working
with his assistant editor Ira
Murfin on a new series of publications called “What if? –
Quaderni”. It will be a compilation of 15 – 20 booklets which will
contain 116 topics consisting of a Glossary of Ideas, Programs and
Projects. The Ideas will address 75 topics like: The American Dream,
Animism-Animation, Divine Comedy, Dualism, Equitable Consumerism,
Miniturization-Complexity-Duration, Lean Alternative. The Projects are
19 topics including Arcomedia, Bridges-Dams, Cosmic Potentials, Mesa
City, Nudging Space, Teilhard de Chardin Cloister. The list of Programs
address 18 ongoing programs such as the Apse Effect, Arcology,
Arcosanti Genesis, Colly Concerts, Garment Architecture, School of
Thought, Sketchbooks and Workshops. [Photo & text: SA]

Paolo’s assistant
editor Ira Murfin with a mock-up of the upcoming series of booklets.
Beside this work-in-progress, two new books will be published this
summer. One is “What if?: Collected Writings 1986-2000” by Paolo
Soleri. The other is “Architecture as Human Ecology (English Version)”
by Antonietta Iolanda Lima. [Photo & text: SA]

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