The sun is rising on
another large pour. The location is Unit 9 & 10 of the East Crescent. Some of the crew actually slept on the
construction site to be ready for the arrival of the first cement truck
at 5:30am. [photo: Karen Taylor & text: SA]

Everybody is in
position. People from a lot of other departments have come to help. 64
cubic yards of concrete will be poured. [Photo: Karen Taylor & text:

Welding manager Ron
Chandler is guiding the pump-hose. [Photo: Karen Taylor & text: SA]

Furious activity to
evenly spread the concrete. [Photo: Karen Taylor & text: SA]

Ray Shong is guiding
the screed-vibrator. [Photo: Karen Taylor & text: SA]

Tomiaki Tamura and
Scott Riley are removing the temporary screed guides. [Photo: Karen
Taylor & text: SA]

Scott Riley is using
a jitterbug over the area where the guides were removed. This forces
the moisture to rise to the surface while pushing down the aggregate in
order to make even an finish. [Photo: Karen Taylor & text: SA]

In the next step
garden manager Adam Nordfors is using the bull-float to smoothen the
surface. [Photo: Karen Taylor & text: SA]

Since the beginning
of this year the complete second floor of Unit 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 of the
East Crescent has been poured. The construction crew
has worked tirelessly to accomplish this task. All the
workshoppers and volunteers who have stayed on contributed greatly
in the whole process. [Photo: Nadia Begin & text: SA]

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