Three graduates from
this year’s
workshop programs have taken over the Bakery with much enthusiasm.
New manager Valerie Loft is replacing Roy Pogue who has managed the
Bakery for the past two years. [Photo & text: SA]

Valerie with a fresh
batch of pesto bread, which smelled absolutely delicious. [Photo &
text: SA]

Brandy Follet has
just taken a batch of white sandwich loaves out of the oven. On the
rack next to her are several trays of biscotti for a special dinner for
the Broadcasters Association Awards Ceremony. [Photo & text: SA]

Gwen Birk with Joe
Henson who manages the Visitors Center Gallery. Displayed on the wall
is a variety of artwork and crafts by Arcosanti
residents. [Photo & text: SA]

As one of the new
services Valerie, Brandy and Gwen will be serving soup between 2 and 4
pm. The bakery at Arcosanti is known and appreciated for daily fresh
bread, great cookies, awesome cream cheese brownies, granola and fresh
croissants, to just mention a few goodies. [Photo & text: SA]

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