chairs were falling apart. Ray Shong,
Construction supervisor, is teaching his crew to make new seats and
back-supports out of old plywood. >>from left to right>> Volunteer
Soren Manillen, Ray Shong and
workshopper Emanuele Militelli. [Photo & text: SA]

>>left photo>> Workshopper Acadia Klain is sanding the individual wood
>>slats. >>right photo>> The wood slats are sealed with a clear coat.
>>[Photo & text: SA]

>>left photo>> Ray Shong is drilling the wood-slats into place. >>right
>>photo>> More chairs are waiting to be repaired. [Photo & text: SA]

>>left photo>> The old chair after much usage in the >href=”/images/pano/dining_room_commons.html”
>>target=”_top”>Cafe. >>right photo>> and newly refinished chairs
>>with sturdy wooden seats and back-rests. [Photo & text: SA]

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