William Hooker attends Paolo’s lecture at Lighthouse International
in Manhattan. The lecture drew about 100 people including Alumni,
Jennie Wood Sheldon (Colly Soleri’s cousin), Monacelli Press, Paolo
Riani of Istituto Italiano di Cultura, and Max Protetch Gallery
staff. Municipal Art
Society hosted the lecture as part of their spaceship EARTH series.
[Photo & text : Linda Roby]

>>left photo>> Paolo checks out the storage system at Max Protetch
>>Gallery where his work was included in the exhibition A NEW WORLD
>>TRADE CENTER. >>right photo>> Soleri’s entry “Secular Cathedral”.
>>The overview of the exhibition was included in the March issue of >href=”http://www.architecturalrecord.com/wtc/newWTC.asp”target=”_top”
>>>Architectural Record. The exhibition is at the >href=”http://www.nbm.org/Exhibits/New_World_Trade_Center.html”target=
>>”_top”>National Building Museum in Washington D.C. until June and
>>from there will travel to La Bienale di Venezia 2002 and on
>>throughout Europe. [Photo & text : >href=”mailto:pr@arcosanti.org”>Linda Roby]

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