Architectural intern
Monisha Nandy came to us from India on the November 2000
workshop. After her workshop she volunteered in our Planning Department. Monisha worked with Planning
Coordinator Nadia Begin
on the architectural and structural drawings for the East Crescent. She also gave extensive and very
articulate tours. [Photo: T & text: SA]

Monisha on her
workshop graduation day with her fellow graduates Brian Syzdek, Elihu
Isele, Brad Jacobs and Katie Hamilton. [Photo: Jennifer Thornton & text: SA]

One of the special
treats Monisha brought to us were her authentic and very delicious
Indian dinners. She really put a lot of effort into each meal, getting
the right ingredients from an Indian market and teaching very
interesting combinations of spices. [Photo: Karen Taylor & text: SA]

>>from left to right>>The helpers are Linda Roby, Karen Taylor and
>>Nadia Begin.
All of Monisha’s contributions, pleasant disposition and wisdom are
appreciated and will be missed. [Photo: Karen Taylor & text: SA]

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