The theme of the
event was T.R.A.U.C.T.I.O.N.. Ania Gorka organized this auction to
raise money for a much needed new tractor for the gardens. Dr. Sparks aka Michael Bittman filled the
role of autioneer to perfection. He set a fast pace with amazing
results. Ania, standing next to him, is introducing each item with very
funny comments. [Photo: T & text: SA]

The donated items to
be autioned off were on display during dinner. There was a selection of
artwork as well as a variety of services like massages, reiki,
breakfast to be served in bed, meals to be cooked, poems and songs to
be composed. And there was a donated guitar, a stereo and 2 television
sets. [Photos & text: SA]

Dr. Sparks and Ania
kept everyones attention and inspired furious competion. For instance,
the song to be composed by our as yet unofficial band was requested to
be an ‘Organic Farmers Gangsta Rap” that raised $260. [Photo: T & text:

The smiling faces
are only a small indication of the general hilarity throughout the
event. >>from left to right>>Tyler Stewart, Adam Nordfors, Bret
Schneider, Nick Bortel and Alexandra Sheffield. [Photo: T & text: SA]

The auction went on
into the late evening hours. Ania and Sparks raised $3040 with an
additional pledge from a visitor for $500. Another $1500 are needed for
the purchase of the tractor and further donations are very welcome.
[Photo: T & text: SA]

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