Solar Flowers below
the pool cube are photovoltaic panels that activate the path lights
around the pool. [Photo: Jeffrey
Manta & text: Sue Anaya]

>>right photo>> This combination of 6 photovoltaic panels is part of a
>>10 panel donation from Glen
>>Kizer. It was installed by the February workshop on top of the >href=”/arcosanti/v_arco/lab.html”target=”-top
>>”>Lab-building steps. This activates the electric circuits for
>>the community kitchen. Storage is provided by four golf-cart
>>batteries. [Photo: T & text: SA] left photo>> Dr. Sparks aka Michael
>>Bittman is our electrician and the main driving force to provide
>>solar power alternatives to the site. The solar panels so far have
>>been donated and we always looking for further donations. [Photo: JAM
>>& text: SA]

>>right photo>> Below the pool is a combination of the other four
>>panels donated by Glen
>>Kizer. This provides lighting for the path from the outdoor
>>siltcast studio to the guestrooms. left photo>> The pole and stand
>>were recycled from our old satelite dish and our old mailbox from the
>>Cordes Junction mail drop came in handy to provide shelter for the
>>battery storage. [Photos & text: SA]

Dr. Sparks is
teaching his solar class to the April
workshop in the library. [Photo: Ray Lam & text: SA]

April workshoppers
Yoko Suzuki, Emanuele Militelli and Yuki Aiko are working with Dr.
Sparks to move a photovoltaic panel from the Valetta Theater to Camp
right next to the Octagon because of extreme drought conditions that
lowered the aquifer for the well originally equipped with the solar
pump. This panel and pump combination was funded by the Community
Council. It will pump into the storage tank above camp to provide water
for the peach orchard and gardens. [Photo: Ray Lam & text: SA]

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