California musicians
Paul Sprawl and Jaia Suri stopped by the Arcosanti Amphitheater for one
of the intersecting dates on their eight-month parallel U.S. tours.
Arcosanti Community Council sponsors many impromptu concerts like this
outside of the Colly
Soleri Music Center programs throughout the year. [Photo: RL &
text: Ira Murfin]

Jaia played
beautiful songs and even graced us with a little poetry as she strummed
her guitar and got wonderful and surprising new sounds out of the
banjo. For her CDs,
info and tour schedule. [Photo: RL & text: IM]

Paul gave us bluesy,
haunting tunes that really showed off the versatility of the guitar, as
a percussion instrument among other things. He improvised a song of
tribute to the heater which kept his fingers nimble on the drizzly and
chilly spring evening. For his CDs, info and
schedule [Photo: RL & text: IM]

A bluegrass/reggae
concert was hosted at Arcosanti on Saturday. The High Grass Pickers
played until sunset. [Photo & text: RL]

Kindred, a reggae
band from Tempe, provided a mellow mood in the vaults. This was their
third show here at Arcosanti. Check for more information about
Arcosanti Events. [Photo & text: RL]

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