The Arcosanti Trench
Team (ATT) works to replace an old metal pipe that delivers propane to
the Crafts III building [the Cafe, Bakery, Gallery, and
housing), the Ceramics Apse, and the Arcosanti Foundry. Jung il Kwon, a volunteer, lifts a
piece of rock out of the trench. [photo: Jeffrey Manta & text: Scott Riley]

Chandler operates a backhoe equipped with a 1000 lb breaker to help
form the 32″ deep trench into the Basaltic rock-soil matrix on the
mesa. [photo: JAM & text: swRiley]

[photo: JAM]

A new 2″ PE
(Polyethylene) line will replace the current metal pipe. Licensed
plumbers from Prescott placed the pipe. [photo: T & text: swRiley]

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