The siltcast designs
for the ceilings of Unit 6 & 7 (East Crescent) were personally carved by Paolo.
[photo & text: Ray Lam]

volunteers, and workshoppers learn the process of siltcasting by working with Paolo. [RL]

The intial carving
stage is finished for the Unit 6 Siltcast. [RL]

Resident artist,
Tristan, applies some color to the silt. [RL]

>>Left photo>> After the silt is formed, colored concrete pigments are
>>applied. Right photo>> A thin coat of concrete slurry is carefully
>>poured onto the colored silt form. [RL]

>>Left photo>> Unit 6 Siltcast form Right photo>> Unit 7 Siltcast form

>>Left photo>> Nylon fibers are added to the slurry to help the
>>siltcast hold to the concrete slab. Right photo>> The siltcast is
>>covered until the concrete slab is ready to be poured. Stay tuned for
>>the Big Pour. [RL]

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