, Arcosanti’s
Tourism Development Coordinator, greets Tour Operator Katja Dreyer at
the Arizona Tourism trade show in late February, 2002. Ms. Dreyer, who
is from Germany, is with FTI North America and arranges motorcoach
tours on the West Coast for international visitors. Cliff attended the
trade show at the Spotlight in Lake Havasu, Az to convince tour
operators to stop their motorcoaches at Arcosanti for a tour and a
meal, to attend a concert, to learn about organic gardening, or to do a
new bird watching tour along the Agua Fria River. Cliff said, “There
is much more interest in Arcosanti this year compared to last year.”
[text: C.H.]

>>Left photo>> The Mayer High School Boys Basketball team made the
>>State Semi-finals this year, for the first time in 25 years. The
>>Kiwanis Club of Mayer asked >href=”mailto:kipart@arcosanti.ws”>Cliff Hersted to make them a
>>plaque commemorating the event. Cliff carved the plaque in styrofoam
>>and sand-casted it in our >href=”/images/pano/foundry.html”
>>target=”_top”>foundry. The plaque was presented to the team at
>>the Mayer Recreation Center on March 12, 2002.

Right photo>> >href=”mailto:kipart@arcosanti.ws”>Cliff Hersted meets with Ray
>>Newton, President of the Yavapai Tourism Council (YTC), to discuss a
>>grant proposal to the Arizona Office of Tourism (AOT). Cliff is the
>>Research Coordinator of the YTC as well as the Tourism Coordinator
>>for Arcosanti. Each year the AOT awards competitive grant money to
>>non-profit organizations for tourism related projects. Cliff wrote
>>the YTC proposal for a Yavapai County-Arizona Central Territory
>>Visitors Map which would stress Culture & Heritage, Ecotourism and
>>Soft Adventure tourism in the area. Cliff is also writing a grant
>>proposal to AOT for help in printing the Arcosanti Calendar of Events
>>for 2003. Deadline is Friday, March 29th. [Left photo: C.H., right
>>photo: S.A. & text: C.H.]

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