Beam forms are
prepared for the pour in the East Crescent Construction. Those beams will connect
precast and cast-in-place walls and second floor slabs. [photo: Nadia Begin & text: T]

Each detail is
inspected by the staff before the actual concrete pours take place.
[photo: Nadia Begin &
text: T]

A concrete vibrator
is used to provide even distribution of the materials in narrow forms
crowded with the reinforcement bars. [photo: Nadia Begin & text: T]

Karl Swanson
and Ray Lam are helping the pour by using wheel-barrows to bring the
concrete batched in a small mixer and buckets for placing it in forms.
[photo: Nadia Begin &
text: T]

March workshoppers,
Matteo Di Michele and Gwen Birk, make pavers by pouring excess concrete
in forms. [photo: Nadia
Begin & text: T]

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