At the February
Workshop Graduation Wes
Ozier, workshop coordinator, presents a diploma to Jesse Karp who
has just completed his 5-week Workshop Program . [T]

New graduates >>from
top left>> Michael Lengton,Bradley Bishop, Luke White, Nobuya Katsura,
Andy Bradshaw, Seth Guinchard, Jody Smyth III, Brennan McFadden, Ray
Lam >>from middle left>> Jung Kwon, Jesse Karp, >>from bottom left>>
Junko Kobayashi, Phoebe Ellette, Bridgid Kutner, Anya Gorka >>from
bracket left>> Brandy Follet, Ayano Atsumi. [T]

This monthly
ceremony was held at Morning Meeting when many of the Arcosanti
residents are present. [photo: S.A. & text: T]

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