The Main Event at

The boxing ring was erected in Valletta (the South
Valley) below the Arcosanti site to host boxing matches between
residents. About 70 residents were in attendance. [T]

Four matches were
refereed by Nick Bortel and
Dr. Sparks and judged by
three internationally mixed and qualified Arcosanti residents who
reportedly took no bribes. Among the fighters were: Philip “The Sheep”
Holzborn, Bret “the Shepard” Schneider, Adam “Nuf Talk” Nordfors, Efren
“tha Splinta” Cappelletti, Ivan “Sir
Vivan” Fritz, Gabriel “Viper” Hendrix, Bruce “the Banboozler”
Bender and Brian “the Hilti” Syzdek. [T]

“Glamorous” Phoebe
Ellett announced the upcoming rounds in style between the bells (Yes,
Soleri windbells has
another role to play here).Despite Karen
Taylor , our resident Peacenik for the evening, pleaded for
non-violence at the beginning, the event proceeded with the cheerful
crowd. [T]

Yes, we had the
winners and some bloody noses. “The Hilti” claimed the championship
belt this time. [T]

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