Arcosanti 5K
On Sunday, despite the chilly weather, over 150 runners participated in our second annual
5K run/walk.
[Photo by: Scott Riley]

The event was sponsored by the Arcosanti Community Council and received support from the Cosanti Foundation,
Cosanti Originals – who donated our ceramic and bronze awards, and companies such as Tucson Food Cooperative, Arizona Roadracers, Sysco, and Papa’s Place restaurant.
Pictured: Adam and James (a November Workshopper) drum at the finish line.
[Photo by: Jennifer Thornton]

The course looped around the project, along the Agua Fria River through a mesquite bosque, and into the Valletta with the Arcosanti “skyline” above.
Pictured: Eli Forsythe won first place in his age division as well as a bronze medallion for first place Arcosanti resident (male).
[Photo by: Scott Riley]

Arcosanti Alumnus Chris Evans completes the course in 24 minutes and 16 seconds. Other Alumni that attended included
Paul Bagley, and Emilie from the ECOSA program.
[Photo by: Jennifer Thornton]

4 1/2 year old resident Tristan Tollas, won a special award for being the youngest participant.
[Photo by: Scott Riley]

The top overall finishers, male and female received bronze bells with linkages carved by Dr. Paolo Soleri specifically for the race.
Cindy Rosenberg holds up her award for first place overall female with a time of 20:03.
Drew Mumford won first place male with a time of 17:04.
[Photo by: Jennifer Thornton]

Another first place winner in her age division hold up her ceramic windbell prize.
[Photo by: Jennifer Thornton]

Arcosanti Site Coordinator Mary Hoadley also won a first place award for completing the course in 43 minutes.
[Photo by: Jennifer Thornton]

Resident Liz Shiffler receives her first place Arcosanti female finisher medallion from Cosanti resident Katharine Tomalty.
[Photo by: Jennifer Thornton]

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