November Workshop
Arcosanti’s Italian Project brings two Roma Tre (Roma, Italia) students and three
Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio (Switzerland) students for the November workshop.
Marta Daponte and Carlo Tralongo, of Roma Tre, will participate in the 5-week workshop program while Efrem Cappelletti,
Philip Holzborn and Fabio Cella, of Mendrisio, will continue at Arcosanti for a 6 month internship.
For Italian Project information contact: Antonio Fragiacomo or Linda Roby.
[Photos by: Jennifer Thornton]

Seminar Week
Seminar Week (the first week of the workshop) is devoted to acclimating participants to Arcosanti and Arcology Theory.
Roger Tomalty instructs the workshop about the geography and prehistory of the land surrounding Arcosanti.

Ceramics Department Manager Ed Werman, explains the process of making siltcast bells to the group.

The Workshop also spent a morning in the Foundry learning how to make and assemble components
of bronze Soleri Windbells.

Pictured: Workshopper David cuts sheet metal to make fins (the part of the bell that catches the air).

Pictured: drilling holes in rods (part of the bell assembly).

Frugal Soup
The workshop also joined Paolo Soleri, and residents at Frugal Soup – a once-a-month, simple lunch consisting of
soup and bread, dedicated to exploring and acknowledging world hunger.

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