Our organic agriculture program got a boost
from the help of a good portion of the October Workshop.
Pictured: Virginia (forefront) an October workshopper, prepares the soil for cool season crops as Elisha ( a resident/volunteer)
digs up Bermuda grass from around the Paulownia trees.
[Photos and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

Before work begins, the crew cooks bacon on a small fire as Adam
(Arcosanti Organics Manager)
teaches the group how to season an iron skillet.

October Workshopper Carrie is
designated the master of removing Bermuda grass –
you need to dig down extremely deep to remove the roots

Workshopper Gaby spreads
Clover seed around the Paulownnia
trees to add a source of nitrogen to the soil and
establish a root system to prevent a reoccurrence of Bermuda grass.

Adam checks in with one of the several chickens that live in Camp.

A shot of the organic pepper garden from above.

Chatting by the fire.

Some of the group at work.

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