Second Floor
The Construction Crew and members of the October Workshop worked on the beam
of the second floor slab of Phase Five of the East Crescent Construction.
Pictured: David Tollas operates the crane while Ray directs the rebar into place.
[Photos and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

October Workshopper Phil lassos the 40′ long, #10 rebar to help guide it into place.

Assembling the beam is a challenge for the Construction Crew considering the large size of the rebar (reinforcement).
[Photo by Nadia Begin]

[Photo by Nadia Begin]

The crew also poured a 2′ x 8′ pilaster to support the beam than runs midspan of the second floor slab.

For the small pour, the group hand mixed the concrete and bucketed it up to the formwork.
Pictured: Ray, and Workshoppers Anthony and Joe.

Ray and Anthony vibrate the concrete to remove air pockets.

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