A few weeks ago the Garden Crew, and Workshoppers harvested the 100 rows of
blue and white varieties of Pueblo Corn planted in first field on the outskirts of Camp.
Pictured: Garden Volunteer YeonSook.
[Photos and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

The harvest is the culmination of over six months of effort by the Garden Crew,
several workshops as well as
the assistance of Morgan, a Hopi Elder and friend of Arcosanti.
[Photo: Ivan Fritz]

Pictured: Eric and Megan representing the green team.

The group shucks corn.

Morgan experienced a crop failure on Second Mesa and was overjoyed to recieve several truckloads of the Pueblo Corn
from our yield. The leftover organic corn will be used in our Bakery and Cafe.
Pictured: Land Use Manager Adam Nordfors.

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