Landscaping Synergy
Last week the eighteen participants in the October
assisted Landscaping Manager Karen Taylor with some pressing landscaping projects.
Pictured: Workshopper Gaby with fresh picked oregano from a garden in front of East Housing.
[Photos and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

One of the major projects was the picking and processing of olives
for sale under our Arcosanti Organics label.
Pictured: Workshopper Matthias picked the uppermost olives in the Mind’s Garden trees.

Later the group came together in the vaults to prep the olives for curing.

Workshoppers Liz and Andrew slice olives.

Pictured: Workshoppers Carrie, Mark, and Dennis.

After the olives are sliced, they will soak for six months
in a salt-water brine to remove any trace of bitterness.
Pictured: Eli mixes up a batch

Paolo Soleri stops by to check on their progress.

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