Tasuku Matsuyama, a resident/construction volunteer for 9 months, is leaving this weekend to return to Japan.
He did an amazing job of transforming his spartan room in E.C.1 into a very cool Japanese style living space.
Lit stairs lead up to a loft/sleeping space with privacy screens that can slide open for air.
Due to the fact Shoji gami (special paper for screens) is rare in Arizona,
he used canvas to allow the passage of light.
[Photos and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

A close up of the stairs and his glowing window from outside.

Long time resident Jeff Buderer (right) left Arcosanti for Texas soon after the Paradox Conference.
Jeff spent much of his time at Arcosanti trying to foster the
idea of sustainable living and building in the Project.
Also pictured Victor Arcos.

Metalshop manager Sean Oehler also left Arcosanti recently.
Here he is working on the decorative railing around the stairway encircling ECIII.

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