Last week A.I.S. (Arcosanti Information Services) completed the major task of running conduit
housing fiber optic line from the Vaults
to Crafts III.
Pictured: Japanese students from Osaka helped dig a trench that started by Crafts III and encircled the Ceramics Apse.

[Photos and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

The overall project is to bring high speed internet access (T-1) to the second half of the site
by connecting them to the existing network through the fiber optic line.
Pictured: conduit housing the fiber optic line (sprayed orange), and other conduit for electrical line,
phone line, and a replacement water line. [Photo by: Ivan Fritz]

A.I.S. Manager Ivan Fritz (left) worked with resident conduit expert Scott Riley (right)
to plan the route.

Shihoko and Ivan carry more conduit over to the trench

After lunch the Construction Crew, Workshoppers, and volunteers
from other departments pitched in to dig and then fill in the rest of the trench.

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