Friday marked the third Paradox Conference at Arcosanti.
This year’s conference focused on the
integration of community, virtuality, and nature in third millennium habitats.
Pictured: Saturday’s Biomimicry & Green Development panel in the ampitheater of
the Colly Soleri Music Center.
[Photos and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

Preparation for a large event like the Paradox Conference required
a tremendous group effort by Arcosantians. Every imaginable component
of pulling off such an event was beautifully handled by
Arcosanti staff, residents, workshoppers and volunteers.
Pictured: Victor and Nadia worked on preparing the Arcosanti 5000 (people) presentation
– Paolo’s
new city design for Arcosanti.

Ali and Sue made a heroic effort in the kitchen to prep delicious buffet meals for the weekend.
Pictured: Sean and Karen, who volunteered to be part of the meal prep and serving crew.

The conference had a great mix of very interesting and thought provoking panelists and presenters.
On Saturday the Biomimicry & Green Development panel segued into a
discussion about reframing world economic practices using each of their particular points of reference.
Pictured: Janine Benyus, author of a book about Biomimcry, humorously pointed
out that the lungs don’t horde oxygen
and then sell it to the liver. Also pictured: Jim Fournier.

Michael Gosney and Ron Anastasia, Directors of the Paradox event, joined Tom Jaggers and Paolo Soleri – who talked about the latest developments in Arcology.
[Photo by Tomiaki Tamura]

Later in the day, Thomas Jaggers,William D. Browning,Heather Kurze, and Stephanie
Smith hosted
a panel about green development.

Conference participants were very thoughtful and made significant contributions to the discussion

Pictured: a participant recounts her experience of community at Burning Man.

Bruce Damer, an innovator of avatar cyber-communities, pauses to pet Toni’s cat
Polly who wandered on
the ampitheater stage.

Esperide Ananas talked about Damanhur, an intentional community in Italy.

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