Frugal Soup
Approximately once a month Arcosanti prepares a simple lunch consisting of
vegetable soup and bread, dedicated to exploring and acknowledging world hunger.
This month Frugal Soup was held in the Ampitheater.
[Photos and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

Pictured: September Workshop participants.

Resident Tony Fragiacomo doles out apple juice to members of a special workshop
from Osaka, Japan. This workshop
which is facilitated by Tomiaki Tamura, is a week long introduction
to Arcosanti
and Arcology Theory.

Silt Casting
During Seminar Week, September Workshoppers learned the process of siltcasting
from Silt Workshop Coordinator Randall Schultz.

Workshoppers mixed the silt (or earth) from the riverbed with water to obtain
the proper consistency.

Then Workshoppers helped construct small wooden squares or framework to hold the silt.

Then they packed the silt into the wood framework, smoothed it out, and pressed
designs into silt using a variety of tools.

Plaster was then poured over the silt to cast a relief of the design.
[Photo by: Michael Muntinga] Due to recent events, coverage of the August Graduation and Party will be posted on Monday.

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