It’s not exactly a barn raising, but the Woodshop Crew and August Workshoppers
raised the wooden framing on the new Lab Building addition.
Pictured: Chip, who was managing the project, Teddy, Miguel, Jeff Buderer, and Wes Ozier.
[Photos and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

August Workshoppers Teddy and Miguel, hammered cross supports to the framing to keep the boards straight.

Charles who is on his 23 workshop and August Workshopper Julia clamp the framing together to be nailed.

Workshop Coordinator Wes Ozier and Miguel build scaffolding on the fly for the crew to lift the framing up into place.

Every Workshop makes a trip to Cosanti as part of the program. Members of the August Workshop
set up sleeping bags and mats in front of the Cat Cast building to sleep under the stars.
[Photo by: Michael Muntinga]

Miguel dives into the pool at Cosanti to cool off.
[Photo by: Michael Muntinga]

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