After Work
The Japanese contingent of Arcosanti: Syu, Tasuku, Taka and members of the August Workshop
treated residents and guests to a delicious meal last Friday.
[Photo by Michael Muntinga and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

Ayano, Shiho, and Shihoko made Tofu Gyoza (Japanese dumplings).
[Photos by: Jennifer Thornton]

Syu and Chiharu made Gyoza with meat.

In addition to Gyoza, the group made Fried Rice and Tasuku cooked two soups: Miso, and Beef.
Pictured: Rumiko cleans sliced carrots in the Cafe kitchen.

On The Job
The August Workshop chained rebar (the steel bars used to reinforce concrete) from the delivery drop-off to the construction slab.
[Photo by Michael Muntinga]

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