On Tuesday morning, the Construction Crew and August Workshop poured
the second to last section of walls of the first floor of Phase Five of the East Crescent.
[Photo and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

Before the pour, Habitat Manager Dave Tollas met with the Workshop
and Construction crew to map out a plan of action.

Workshopper Jeff Masty wets down the chute and crane bucket prior to filling it with concrete.

Metalshop Manager Sean Oehler maneuvers the bucket of concrete over
to walls to be poured.

Spencer from the August Workshop and Construction Volunteer Tasuku watch
the bucket sweep over the construction slab to its destination.

Ray opens the chute and Tasuku gets a lap full of concrete as the crew pours one of the walls.
Despite that, it was a successful pour: well mixed concrete, and an efficient crew.

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