Arcosanti Information Services has undertaken the major project of connecting the
Foundry and Crafts III
buildings to the rest of the Network (LAN) and T-1 line .
Ivan Fritz, the Network Architect and Manager (left), Yasha Leytush, and Taka
are laying conduit that will the house ethernet cable connecting the two buildings.
[Photo and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

Members from the Construction Crew and August Workshop help
dig the trench running from the Foundry to Crafts III.
[Photo by: Jennifer Thornton]

Workshopper Jeff Masty and Network Assistant Yasha Leytush help snake
the ethernet cable through the conduit
[Photo by: Jennifer Thornton]

Yasha steadies the ladder while Jeff Masty hands off the
Hilte to Ivan. Ivan is drilling a hole for conduit that will run through housing into the
wine cellar to meet a fiber optic line.
[Photo by: Jennifer Thornton]

A fiber optic line must be used to connect the two halves of the site in order to maintain
a quality connection. This line will run from the S.O.D. Unit to the wine cellar
in Crafts III. Ron Chandler used a rented backhoe to start the trench in which conduit will be laid.
[Photo by Ivan Fritz]

August Workshopppers helped A.I.S. expand the trench.
[Photo by Ivan Fritz]

Occasionally random blocks of concrete or rocks blocked the way. Pictured: Yasha breaks
up the concrete with the Hilte.
[Photo by Ivan Fritz]

Workshoppers work on the trench that skirts the Ceramics Apse
[Photo by Ivan Fritz]

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