July Workshop Wrap-up [Part 1] The last week of the July Workshop has been
a busy one. On Thursday, workshoppers helped
the Garden crew weed the Pueblo
corn that was planted in May with the assistance of
Morgan – a friend of Arcosanti and Hopi Elder.
Pictured: Jorge Otero
[Photos and text by: Jennifer Thornton]

Workshoppers Kim and Shelly proudly display weeds they’ve dug up.

Jorge and Taka work on the framework of the new construction shed housed in back of the Lab Building.

Brian, Takuma, and Sabrina finish up their work on the construction slab. Sabrina is tying rebar.

Sarah worked with construction crewmember Jeff Buderer on planter/benches in the Vaults. They were designed by Bobby who was on the June Workshop.

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