Italian Night
A festive crowd joined Arcosanti residents in the vaults to experience Italian Night – a night devoted to celebrating Italian food and music.
Ali Sadiqi, with the help of Sue Anaya prepared a bevy of appetizers : Proscuito and Melon, Tapenade, and Antipasti.
[Photos by Sue Anaya text by Jennifer Thornton]

Spring mixed greens with dressing specially made by Paolo Soleri,Insalata di Pomodoro e Basil,
followed with Pollo/Seitan Marsala, and Penne con Pomodoro e Aglio as the main courses.

Keeping with tradition, the pasta was served from wheel barrows manned by Paolo Soleri and Tomiaki Tamura.
Desert was Italian ices and Biscotti made by the Arcosanti Bakery.
Pictured: Paolo Soleri (left) and friends.

After dinner, Accordionist/Composer Nick Ariondo performed in the Colly Soleri Music Center.
He was joined by Larry Hughes on the clarinet and Armen Ksadjikian on the cello. The performance was followed by a special Pictograph 2001. Pictured: Resident Luz Adriana posed with Tristan, Briana, her daughter Paolandrea, and her neice.

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