This past weekend marked the annual Juneteenth Festival sponsored by Milt Cannon the Prescott Jazz Society.
Pictured: David Tollas and Jeff Buderer raise banners around the site for the event.
[Photos and text by Jennifer Thornton]

Jazz, Blues, Reggae and other musical styles filled the ampitheater. Pictured are the Milt Cannon Quartet with Dave Cook and vocalist Kathy Morris.

Vendors displayed their wares in the Vaults including ethnic clothing and jewelry.
Pictured: Arcosanti Organics, a division of the Agriculture and Landscaping Departments, offerered organic garlic, peach butter, and peacock feathers among other products.

Landscaping Manager, Karen Taylor set up a booth to raise funds for the A.I.D.S. Vaccine Ride she hopes to participate in this summer.
She still needs to raise funds to qualify, for more information check out her website.

Visual artists as far as Chicago came to display their work.

Reggae artists, Henry Turner Jr, & Flavor from Baton Rouge, really invigorated the crowd.

Residents Curtis and Marlena enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in front of one of the booths.

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