On Saturday, Arcosanti hosted the Arizona Regional Poetry Slam at the
Colly Soleri Music Center.
Pictured: Corbet Dean of the Mesa team.
[Photo by Wes Ozier]

Resident Ira Murfin (left) organized the event with
Dan Seaman (right) of the Prescott
Area Poet’s Association.
Dan acted as emcee for the event and Ira slammed for the Arcosanti team.
[Photos and text by Jennifer Thornton]

Teams from Flagstaff, Mesa, Prescott, Tempe, Tucson and Arcosanti competed for the title of
Arizona Slam Poet
Champions. Pictured: Amy Stitely, an Arcosanti workshopper who competed and won a spot on the team. Other Arco team members were Ira, Justin Dehnert, and Jessica Morley.
Randall Schultz was the alternate.

Arcosanti resident Jessica Morley reads her poem to the crowd. Jessica left Arcosanti on Monday to start a
teen center in N.Y.

In the preliminary round, the six teams were split in two groups of three teams.
Arcosanti, Flagstaff, and Prescott competed and then Tempe, Tucson and Mesa.
The winners, Prescott and Tucson continued on to the finals. Pictured are members of the Tucson (left) and Tempe (right) teams.

Judges were volunteers from the audience and had to rate each poem on a scale of 1-10.

Each team also brought a featured poet to read. Randall Schultz read three poems
and invited Workshop Coordinator Wes Ozier (pictured) on stage to read his hilarious and now famous gender-bending poem.

Tucson and Prescott faced off in the finals. Prescott won the slam with a cumulative score of 111.7
Pictured are two members of the Prescott team.

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