Arcosanti Organics Manager Adam Nordfors waits for a row in the first field to be fully irrigated.
Although the field has been fallow for twelve years, last fall Adam grew a cover crop to
build up the soil.
[Photos and text by Jennifer Thornton]

When they were ready, the garden crew turned the cover crop in by disking it repeatedly in different directions.
Then they made furrows in the soil and through flood irrigation, watered
the field all day and night for three days and then 4 days after in preparation to plant corn.

On Tuesday morning, Adam, the workshoppers, employees and volunteers from several different
departments joined together to plant 100 rows of blue and white varieties of Pueblo Corn.

Morgan (foreground), a Hopi elder and old friend to Arcosanti came to help plant and advise.

Unlike other varieties of corn, Pueblo corn is planted 12 inches below the soil. The group used
tools fashioned out of rebar to dig the holes.

From the field you can see the site on the mesa.

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