Construction is really making progress, especially with the added assistance of
the May Workshop. Here they
are setting up rebar that will reinforce several partition walls in Phase V. Normally
the concrete walls are poured on the ground and then tilted up. However, Construction
has rented special formwork that will enable the crew to quickly pour a wall in
place. The plan is to pour a wall every two days for the next few weeks!! [Photos
and text by Jennifer Thornton]

A Workshopper assists
Sean, the Metal shop Manager to weld some of the concrete reinforcement. This
is sometimes necessary before tilting a silt-cast panel into place.

Restoration is a crucial part of maintaining Arcosanti. Workshoppers
Ruby and Francesco carry gravel off the foundry housing units. After the roof
is cleared off, leaks will be repaired.

A group of Workshoppers also clear gravel off the “round unit” in order to re-roof

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