Last week the construction crew poured another silt-cast panel for Phase V. Pictured
is the prepped formwork with requisite silt and rebar. [Photo by: Victor Arcos]

Facilities Department member, Curtis Arnold repaired the Foundation’s
thirty-year-old cement truck – a great improvement over working with the small
cement mixer. [Photo by Victor Arcos]

Habitat Manager David Tollas and Construction Crewmember Jeff Buderer work to
funnel the mixed concrete into the concrete bucket suspended by the crane. [Photo
by Jennifer Thornton]

Matt Heitel and Dave Tollas work together to transfer the concrete from the
bucket to a wheelbarrow below. [Photo by Jennifer

The crew spreads the concrete into the panel formwork [Photo by Victor Arcos]

Crewmembers use a screed to smooth the concrete into the panel. [Photo by Jennifer

[Photo by Jennifer Thornton]

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