At Frugal Soup this month, Ron Chandler recounted his experiences with the homeless
in America and Paolo’s
daughter, Trustee Daniela
Soleri, offered an international perspective on food and hunger. Workshopper
Riku Hakateyama is seen here enjoying her modest meal. [Photos and text by Jennifer

C.I.O. Tomiaki Tamura, and Paolo
Soleri dole out the simple vegetable soup to those in attendance.

Stephane Jacques, filmed Arcosanti for the French travel show Detours du
. He is one of five reporters traveling the world visiting significant
and interesting places

Frugal Soup coincided with the annual meeting of the Trustees.
A.L.T. members joined with the Trustees
for a breakfast meet and greet in the Caf».

Trustee Doug Lee looks
over plans for new construction with Habitat Manager, Dave Tollas and Planning
Volunteer Victor Arcos.

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