The snow is picturesque and the rain is much needed by the desert soil, but they
also create the phenomena known as the “Vault
Lake”. Last week Construction, Landscaping and the Workshoppers
repaired the drainage system for the melted snow and rain. Jeff Buderer, Jennifer
Luby and Wes Ozier work to separate soil from gravel. [Photos and text by Jennifer

The group also worked with Arcosanti Information Services to dig a trench for
conduit. Network Manager, Ivan Fritz is seen here gluing together PVC conduit
that will house Cat.5 cable. This cabling connected West
Housing to our High Speed Network.

Michael Bittman a.k.a Dr. Sparks assisted A.I.S. to snake the Cat.5 Cable through
the conduit.

Holly and Brendan fill the trench back up with the gravel.

Alumni returnee Orie Miyako cleans up the soil from in front of the Lab

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