Happy Valentine’s Day!
Arcosanti residents put on
their annual art show in the Café
which will run until the end of March 2001. Kip Hersted organized this year’s
event and has several of his sculptures displayed. Seen here are two bronze works:
In a Boxand Bifurcated Bird. [Photos and text by Jennifer

Centrally featured, the lovely Yellow Curvist Madonna by Randall Schultz
is flanked by oil pastels, and acrylic paintings by Adam Nordfors on the left,
and photographs by Jennifer Thornton on the right.

An intricately carved Celtic cross reflects in a handmade mirror, both by Raymond,
also known as Construction Foreman, Ray Shong.

Ceramicist Val Kiri arranges some of her creations to be displayed.

Here are two works from another Arcosanti Ceramicist, Larry Meagher. Both pieces
use the unique firing process Raku.

Pictured l.to r. are photos by J. Thornton, a spiraling sculpture by Justin
Dehnert called Cherubim, an oil painting by Jessica Morley, followed
by Dark Star by Randall Schultz. The preceding photos only represent
a portion of the work displayed in the show. Other participating resident
artists include: Victor Arcos, Gin Harrison, Joe Henson, Katherine Jones, Gregor
Knauer, Sean Oehler, Wes Ozier, and Karen Taylor.

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