Camp Synergy
Residents worked together on
Friday morning to prepare Camp for
the first Workshop
of 2001. Briana and Tristan look for worms as their moms weed garden beds in Camp.
[Photos and text by Jennifer Thornton]

Resident Katie Hamilton heads
off to mop yet another cube.

Residents Brad Jacobs and
Syusaku Suzuki work together to repair a roof of one of the river-facing cubes.

Resident Marty Acompord and
new Workshopper
Chris clean out the bunkhouse units.

Residents Victor Arcos and
Ron Chandler work together to replace a dilapidated window and door of one of
the cubes.

Camp Coordinator Ira Murfin, and
Alumni returnee Morgan McCourt gather wood at the Resource Center – a place
in Camp to store and reuse useful

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