Happy New Year 2001!
Looking back at some of the events of the past busy month… Residents
Morgan McCourt, Keisuke Ichinose, Briana Luby, and Tristan Tollas pose under
the rebar tree. Photo by: Yasha Leytush

After the Christmas party, Gallery Manager Joe Henson, Residents
Adam Nordfors, and Yasha Leytush, and Ecosa
student Zach Lawrence jam together in the café. Photo and text by:
Jennifer Thornton

The Ecosa program
has also completed it’s term this month. At their party, everyone gathered to
watch Aaron Brakke’s video documenting the people present at Arcosanti, at this
time. Photo and text by: Jennifer Thornton

Also at the Ecosa
party, Landscaping Manager Karen Taylor and Tom D’aquani chat. Tom is working
as a facilitator with the Alternative Leadership Team. Photo and text by:
Jennifer Thornton

After a
workshop has completed, a meeting is held to get the workshopper’s evaluation
of the program. The November Workshop
gave it’s feedback to residents
and management. Photo and text by:
Jennifer Thornton

November Workshopper
Monisha, cooked a delicious dinner of Indian cuisine in the café. Dishes
from the northern, eastern and southern regions of India were represented Photo
and text by: Jennifer Thornton

On December 12, resident
Ira Murfin and former resident Aaron Kahn held a theatre workshop in the music
center. Part of the group humorously reenacts the moment Adam found $20.00 during
an “Adopt a Highway” clean up. Photo and text by:
Jennifer Thornton

Former Resident Morgan
McCourt serves coffee from his cube to participants of the last Camp synergy.
Photo by: Keisuke Ichinose

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