Over 120 people came to run on Sunday at the first annual Arcosanti 5K. The
race was conceived and organized by resident
Stephen Cote in partnership with the Arizona
Road Racers. Sponsorship was provided by the Arcosanti
Community Council. Stephen is seen here crossing the finish line after completing
the course in 20 minutes, 43 seconds. Photos and text by:
Jennifer Thornton

Residents Jennifer Jackson
and Steven Mackie head up to the starting line.

Everyone is gathered at the starting line – the race was minutes away.

The last leg of the beautiful course.

The scene at the finish line. Resident
Jennifer Jackson completes the race in 25 minutes, 30 seconds.

Resident Keisuke Ichinose
not only ran for Arcosanti, but also for Japan.

Race organizer Stephen Cote and resident
Gregor Knauer present Gypsy Denzine her award for being the top female finisher.
Her time was 19:43.

Top male finisher Kelvin Broad was awarded a bronze Soleri
windbell donated by the Arcosanti foundry. His course time was a speedy

Resident Gregor Knauer
congratulates the top teen male finisher on his winning time.

Eight year old Catherine Cuda won a ceramic tile for finishing at the top
of her age group.

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