Flying to Arcosanti from California for the weekend, Paradox co-founders Michael Gosney,
and Ron Anastasia prepare an outline of the Paradox Conference in 2001 in the
Arcosanti Cafe.

Photo by: Doctress Neutopia

Presenting their ideas at the Paradox conference organizing meeting, Tomiaki
Tamura, and Art Allsworth,
make suggestions and comments on the upcoming conference. Also present at the
meeting was Doctress Neutopia (the photographer). Photo by: Doctress

Kathleen Ryan works in the
Soleri Archives researching articles for grant proposals. Photo by: Doctress

Dr. Paolo Soleri talks
with book publisher John about his new manuscript the Omega Seed Manuals Volumn
I & II to be published in the spring by Berkeley Hills Press. Photo by: Doctress

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