In an Arcology, the buildings respond to the changes of the seasons, usually by
employing the devices of what Paolo Soleri calls, “garment architecture.” One
such space employing this device is the three-story atrium in the Crafts
III building. It is passively heated by the sun through the course of the
day and the warm air from the lower floors rises and gathers in the pyramid-shaped
glass cap of the structure. During the winter months, in order to redistribute
this warm air, a 40-foot, cloth
is slipped over a circular frame which houses a fan, and hung in the center of
the atrium. The fan pulls the warmed air gathered in the glass roof-cap at the
top of the cylinder and pushes it down through the cloth tube where it pours out
onto the first floor, rewarming the space. Photo and text by Benjamin Ericson.

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