Todd Dalland and Amedeo Perlas of New York based FTL/Happold architects and engineers
are at Arcosanti for an intense three-day consultation with Paolo
Soleri and the Arcosanti planning and design staff. The group is designing
the permanent tensile roof structure for the amphitheater of the Colly Soleri Music Center.
Though a temporary roof is now in place, the permanent roof will increase the
capacity of the amphitheater and open it up to the rest of the East
Crescent Complex which surrounds the amphitheater.

Permanent, seasonal or up-and-down tensile roof performance venues are a specialty
of FTL/Happold. Soleri and Dalland met at an international architectural forum
in Prague three years ago where they both expressed an appreciation of the other’s
work. Now the Cosanti Foundation
and FTL/Happold are joining forces to design one of the most important visual
and functional elements of the award winning East Crescent at Arcosanti.

Once designs are complete, the next phase of completing the project begins:
fundraising. Underwriters are being sought for the project.

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